Yin Yoga


Yin Yoga is focussed on mobilizing the joints. Many forms of yoga are Yang; the focus lies on muscle building, movement and warmth. In Yin Yoga postures are practiced in a passive way in which you practice mostly sitting and lying down poses for a longer period of time (1-5 min.). This relaxes the large muscle groups and allows the connective tissue and ligaments around the joints to stretch slowly and become more agile. This helps your body and mind to let go and find a softness in your practice. Yin Yoga poses stimulate opening the body, especially the areas around the hips, sacrum and the entire back.

For every practitioner of Yang Yoga or Yang sports, Yin Yoga is an unmissable element in the practice. It brings balance and harmony to body and mind. The agility in your connective tissue also adds more mobility and flexibility to the joints. It improves the immune system and, if necessary, helps speed up the recovery of physical problems. The long term effect of practicing Yin Yoga on a regular basis, is more flexibility, agility and a stronger body.

Yoga Maya offers a number of Yin Yoga classes each week. See our schedule for exact days and times.

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