Massage & Reiki

The yoga studio of Yoga Vidya Rotterdam offers ayurvedic massage en reiki treatments


At Yoga Vidya you can receive great massages and treatments for the body. Choose from Ayurvedic massage (oil) and Reiki (energy treatment).

For a massage or Reiki treatment you can contact us by mail or telephone. If you have physical or mental issues, please make sure to mention them too.

Ayurvedic Abhyanga & Marma massage

Using a lot of oil, Ayurveda massage uses long, smooth movements which are combined with firm massage of pressure points. The marma points (vital points) are massaged to stimulate the inner organs in a positive way.

An Abhyanga massage has the following benefits:

  • reduces stress and decreases the stresshormon cortisol.
  • improves the structure of your skin
  • improves the bloodcirculation
  • calms the nerve system
  • supports the release of toxins
  • prevents the aging process and helps to keep the body tissues young
  • improves sleep and physical strength

Abhyanga massage is of origin for healthy people and an important part of the preventive medicine in Ayurveda. This massage features itself by the long and deep strokes that are continuously given to the body. The whole body get’s massaged with warm oil stimulating the blood circulation, de tissues are being nourished and the joints and muscles become more eased. De Nadi’s (energy channels) and the Marma points (vital energy points) are automatically stimulated. This way the self healing power of body & mind are being improved.

A marma massage has the following benefits:

  • prevents the aging process
  • helps overcome tiredness and exhaustion
  • calms the nerve system
  • improves the intake of nutritious substances for the body
  • improves vitality
  • improves sleep and physical strength
  • softens the muscles

Using the thumb or four fingers pressure is put on the marma points. During the massage, the pressure will gradually increase until it reaches its maximum intensity level, after which it slowly subside.

This stimulates the separation and secretion of the toxic blockages, what helps renew and rejuvenate the body. Both our massages are offered to woman only, as the masseuse is female. This is better for the energetic balance.

A Reiki treatment:

  • leads to deep relaxation
  • decreases stress
  • works through energy blockages
  • strengthens the immune system
  • detoxifies and increases the vibration level of the body
  • deals with the symptoms and their deeper causes
  • harmonizes the functioning of the glands and organs

During the treatment you lie on the massage table and keep your clothes on.

Massage costs

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