Karma Yoga


We are frequently looking for students who would like to support us in the studio. As Karma Yogi you lend a helping hand in the studio for about 2,5 hours a week. This consists of tasks like a shift at the counter welcoming students, cleaning or refreshing the flowers. Besides a Yoga Studio, we are also a spiritual community. So as a Karma Yogi you would not only be contributing to the tasks at hand, but also to the atmosphere in the studio with your presence. This way the community can continue to grow and blossom.

What is Karma yoga?

In Yoga there are different paths your can choose to walk to eventually come to Self-realization. Although this is probably not the primary goal for everyone, it can develop itself as the fruit of your years of practice. One way of practicing yoga is through KARMA yoga.

‘The one who practices Karma yoga is going about his/her everyday life performing actions, but does that without demanding to receive the fruits of his/her actions. By doing so he/she is in a constant state of service, the karma yogi is eventually liberated from the bonds of action.’

‘Those who want to live an active life can, through the practice of Karma yoga, reach a state of complete non-attachment, leave the labyrinth of bonds begind them and come to be liberated. Karma yoga is often see as the yoga of altruism par excellence. A true yogi is an inspiration for their surroundings.’

Simply put, Karma Yoga is the selfless act of helping out. Its a way to detox yourself and give back to the community, without letting your ego take part.

Make a contribution as Karma Yogi

Would you like to join our Karma Yogi team? We are looking for students with an open & friendly appearance, preferably that have affinity with the studio. Ideally you have a regular practice and a strong affinity with Yoga. The Karma Yoga consists of 2,5 hours a week at a fixed time. As a Karma Yogi, you regularly partake in our classes, for which you will not have to pay a fee.

Would you like to contribute to our yoga community? Please send an email to if you are interested.

We look forward to meeting you!


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