Sunday Satsang Potluck

Su 18 March 18.30 - 20.00

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Close your weekend in a relaxed manner with Sunday evening Satsang. Everyone is more then welcome, members ánd non-members.

Satsang means ‘gathering in truth’. The satsang starts with a guided meditation. This is followed by Kirtan (mantra) singing to open your heart, transcend your feelings and let the stream of energy flow. We will then give a short reading on Yoga and the Satsang is closed with a light ritual (Arati).

Feel free to bring along your own music instrument to guide the singing!

Experience the effect of music and mantra’s. It will be a beautiful evening of connection, singing and/or listening. To complete the evening we will have a freshly home soup after the Satsang.

Please be on time for we start with meditation :-) Registration isn’t necessary, just stop by.

More information & pirce:

– Satsang is free of charge
– It’s a Potluck evening so bring something to eat with you!
– Flower donations are welcome for the altar
– For further questions send an email to