Partner Yoga Workshop

Sa 17 Februari 13.00 – 15.00

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Give your Valentine and yourself a special gift this year! And come to our partner yoga workshop. Mostly, you work only with your own body, but in this workshop you act in couples. That’s partner yoga: you perform different asanas with your ‘partner’.

By doing the postures together you learn how to work together, to communicate better and strengthen your mutual bond. You can also support, help and strengthen each other. You can help your partner with a difficult pose or you can get deeper into a pose or stretch with the support of your partner.

Explore how you can compliment each other. Find the balance between activity and relaxation. Let your creativity and love for each other flow. Enjoy! Partner Yoga is above all a very entertaining experience.

Partner yoga is not limited to a romantic partner. Together with a friend, relative or someone who you want to get to know better, is also possible. Of course you are welcome to sign up without a partner. The pairs will be formed in the workshop.


13.00 – 15.00


€ 25,- p.p.



Padmini started the 2-year teacher training at Yoga Maya as an investment in herself. For over 4 years now she is one of the regular teachers in the studio. After her teacher training in Rotterdam, Padmini further specialized herself in yoga for seniors & people with special concerns, meditation, yin yoga, biomechanics of yoga & hands-on adjustments.



Information & Registration

1. Send a mail with your details (name, address, phone number) to

2. Reserve a place by transferring the course fee of € 25,- per person to bank account nr NL82 TRIO 0338661840 reference Yoga Maya. Please include your name and starting date of the course.

3. Answers to general questions you can find under Freguently Asked Questions.