Parashakti Cynthia van den Maagdenberg

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When I was a student came into contact with yoga for the first time. Over the years I’ve tried different styles of yoga and also practiced at home. Two years apart from each other  I talked with someone who participated in the Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Vidya (Yoga Maya) in Rotterdam. This made me know what my next step would be: the teacher training. Early 2013, along with my husband Ananda Jyoti, I started the Teacher Training Course. 

What appeals to me most in Sivananda yoga, is the holistic vision. The training goes much deeper than just learning the physical form of yoga and the teaching. Yoga is a way of life for me, where I can continue to delve into the rest of my life. I love to start my day at home with asanas, pranayama and meditation and I feel very blissful from teaching yoga. Also satsang makes me happy. The kirtan singing and being together with like-minded people really opens my heart.

In addition to yoga, I work in haptonomy / haptotherapy and coaching, where I guide people in increasing their (body) awareness and connecting with their feelings. This is something that fits very well with yoga. In my yoga classes I also hope to guide people in turning inward, to feel in and listen to their bodies, how to keep their attention by themselves and observe feelings and thoughts. This way you come, little by little, closer to who you really are and you are able to live more from your authentic self.