Lo Fei Lin

Before Yoga became a constant factor in my life, my body was weakened by my irregular lifestyle. Next to that, I always felt aggravated. I wanted to feel strong and vital again, physically as well as mentally. I wanted to restore the peace in my life.

Throughout the years I have practiced different types of yoga. In the beginning it felt like gaining life back into my body. Very soon I started to notice that it wasn’t only my body that benefited from the practice, but also my mind.  I felt more at ease and more connected to myself and my surroundings. It was only natural to further develop this.

A couple of years ago the desire of wanting to share yoga with others increased. I attended a variety of workshops and posture clinics to develop my knowledge of yoga. In 2011 I attended a teacher training to become a Bikram teacher. In 2014 I also attended the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Intensive with Bela Lipat.

By being a student, being open and developing myself further, I hope to be able to inspire and help more people in becoming yoga students. Respect for man, animal and nature come to me naturally. Every day I learn something new and try to pass that on to other. I have more peace in my life. This enables me to see who I am and what’s happening around me…