Rama – Shakti Janine Brall

Om namah shivaya!

I have opened Yoga Maya together with Sophie and Maya. Besides being the owner of Yoga Vidya / Yoga Maya I am a yoga and meditation teacher, spiritual coach, Reiki master, Ayurvedic Marma masseuse and a dancer and performer. My spiritual name is Rama Shakti (Rama = happiness, Shakti = cosmic energy, dynamic feminine power).

I moved from Germany to the Netherlands in 2001 to study dance. It was during a period of great pressure and stress that I discovered the strength of yoga – whilst following Indian dance lessons. I spent several years attending yoga lessons and the longing for more depth in my study became increasingly strong.

I followed the two-year training to become a Sivananda teacher at Yoga Vidya in Germany. Since then, I have been closely connected to Yoga Vidya: I have taken part in continued trainings there, and from this year, I am running Yoga Vidya Rotterdam, the first Yoga Vidya cooperation centre in the Netherlands. The 2-year recognized Yoga Teachers Course first started in early 2012 and I look forward to starting the second round in 2013.

The holistic form of yoga immediately inspired me with its transformative power and the, until then unknown, positive feelings that were awoken in me. For me yoga is a wonderful system which allows me to heal myself and find balance in my life. Through yoga I am able to peel off the layers and find the essence of myself, my true nature. This helps me in all aspects of my life – such as work and relationships. My practice is complemented with Buddhist Vipassana meditation & concentration practice and the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta (non-dualism).

It is a pleasure to share my knowledge of yoga with my students in an accessible and light-hearted style, whilst still going deep into the subject matter. I look forward to meeting you in our studio!

Om shanti,

Rama Shakti