Ananda Jyoti

For several years I had been wanting to take up yoga but everytime something came up. Meanwhile, conscious living, spirituality and meditation were always part of my life, but yoga just wasn’t yet.

In 2013 I got married and during our honeymoon on Bali I arrived in Ubud, in the Yogabarn; once again yoga crossed my path and I felt like coming home. I felt love, freedom, harmony and a universal connectedness in this place, which gave me an intense feeling of happiness. At that point I knew that yoga was going to be a very important part of my life and that I was ready to take the step. From that moment on I couldn’t wait to get back to the Netherlands and I signed up for the teacher training, together with my wife. The funny thing is that we had been living across the street from a yoga studio for three years, the same studio where I am doing the teacher training now and where I am teaching, and all this time I never knew that yoga was so close!

In January 2014 I started the two-year Sivananda yoga teacher training with Yoga Maya / Yoga Vidya. Here I am educated in the tradition of Swami Sivananda. What surprised me at first was that yoga does not only consist of the practice of asanas, but it is much more extensive, and that awareness, spirituality and meditation are essential parts of the yoga practice. For me it all came together and once again I could add some pieces to the puzzle of my life.

Practicing yoga has given me so much in a short period of time. A healthier lifestyle, more confidence, tranquility and balance, new insights and a sense of freedom that is getting stronger every day. And through yoga I also got to know many new, loving people, which I am very grateful for. So I can recommend anyone to start practicing yoga; it makes you a more complete human being and opens doors that might not otherwise have been open.

One of these doors is my dream that I have had for years which is opening a Yoga Resort in Europe. Not immediately, but this door will also be opened some day and then once again I will be able to add a few pieces to the puzzle of my life.

I invite you to come to all the classes and, like me, experience how liberating yoga can be.

No heart has ever suffered by following a dream, so keep dreaming, welcome life with a smile and enjoy the simplicity of life!