Iris Cloudemans

As a young girl my desire was to sit quiet, close my eyes and meditate. There was already a notion of a deeper self. Yet only at the age of 30 I started practicing yoga.

The main reason why I started following Hatha yoga classes in the first place was stiffness in the body, chronic shoulderpain and skin problems. After a time of practicing Hatha yoga I became aware of sensations in my body and restless mind. That discovery made me start investigating more and more. My life became richer, there was a deep feeling of belonging again,something which I had previously lost on the way. Yoga became an essential part of my life, and I noticed a desire to develop more, to practice more, to meditate. That was the reason I decided to start the Yoga Vidya Teachertraining, not in the first place to teach. However, after a year of training the desire to teach grows and really, I want to share that happiness.

Being a part of the teacher training intensifies my yogapractice, this is a practice in asana, pranayama, meditation, karmayoga, mindfulness, but also in drawing, kirtan, sattwic cooking and reading spiritual books.

Now yoga is everywhere,
I am so grateful