About Yoga

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General information about yoga, including Sivananda yoga and Ashtanga yoga

Yoga is an ancient science from India. It is both a systematic practice and a way of life, which requires loyalty and patience and thereby gives body and mind new energy, inspiration and health.

Hatha Yoga is the most practiced form of yoga in the West and contains all yoga styles in which physical postures are performed. In Hatha yoga physical power & felxibility, control over breath, positive thinking and relaxation are trained. At Yoga Maya we offer two well-grounded traditional forms of Hatha yoga – Ashtanga yoga and Sivananda yoga – and also the adjusted yoga classes for specific target groups. We also provide a certified 2-years teacher training.

Yoga is practical by nature. The only way to understand yoga is by doing it yourself. Everyone, young and old, regardless of physical condition, can practice yoga. Yoga is not limited by gender, religion or ethnic background. Everyone who wants to do yoga will be able to find a style that suits him/her, with the guidance and support of a teacher. By having the right guidance you will more easily be able to experience the subtle and deep aspects of yoga.

Yoga teaches you to meet your true self. By practicing yoga you can discover your full potential and attain things that before you may have thought to be impossible. Besides that, you also learn to accept and respect your limitations. Together with your teacher you can find a right balance – extending your boundaries without exceeding them. By doing so, you can more easily implement the knowledge gained on the yoga mat in your day-to-day life.

To fully experience the positive effects of yoga, a regular practice is required. Each person can decide how far he/she wants to go with Yoga. Very quickly there will be an improvement in flexibility, strength, body consciousness and breath. There will be peace, relaxation, contentment and harmony in your life. Backpain and headaches disappear, shoulder and neck complaints decrease, increased energy, new vitality, mental clarity, strengthening of the immune system, a new self-consciousness and increased concentration are all positive effects of yoga. With more practice you will find that your creaticity and self-confidence is growing and that you can more easily handle stress. Slowly a feeling of contentment with yourself and your surroundings will develop, which in yoga is described as the feeling of oneness.

Yoga can have an influence on all levels of our being – physical, mental and spiritual. Have fun on this beautiful and personal journey!

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