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The spiritual growth of our studio in 7 years

We are celebrating our 7th anniversary this year and it feels a bit extra special because of the number 7. The week has 7 days, we have 7 world wonders, 7 continents, our body cells renew every 7 years, there are 7 chakras en the number 7 stands for spirituality and good luck. The luck of this number has to do with oneness, with the feeling that it’s alright and it just fits.
From Yoga Maya to Yoga Vidya in 7 years

* In the first seven years of a persons life the basis is being shaped. It’s Muladhara Chakra (the root) that presents this proces. In this periode much is connected to fear, this because we need to gain knowledge so we can be sure of things.

* The second year our identity and creativity develops. Also we seek pleasure in enjoying the fruits of our actions. This is connected to Swadhisthana Chakra (sacral place).

* The third year is connected to the powerful element fire / Agni and stands for transformation of any kind. You get secured in what you do, an identity is forming and you are aware in what you’re good at and in what less. An important fase where, when it is balanced, a lot of energy get’s released. Manipura Chakra is connected to our Solar Plexus, our energy centre.

* Time to take a moment to bind with yourself and others. This happens in the fourth year which Anahata Chakra our heart stands for. The essence of what you want is showing more by listening very subtle to your heart and feelings. Security (Artha) and succes (Kama) are very important, but of no use when the feeling of compassion and love is missing.

* When balanced, from a place of openness and love evolves honesty and space for clear communication. Connected to this is our throat Vishuddha Chakra and is the fifth year where presentation to the outside get’s more developed. To keep up this balance it’s essential to stay honest, to begin with ourselves.

* In the sixth year the truth to the deeper essence of all opens up. Connected to our third eye is Ajna Chakra which stands for intuition and wisdom. It can still be challenging and stormy, but the stillness is close and knowledge overrules.

* Sahasrara Chakra is bound with the crown of the head, it’s the 7th ‚fase’. Pure consciousness, no personal interest that needs to be fulfilled. Here lays the energy to maintain everything in balance, to make sure everything that has been build up doesn’t collapse. When this is done, there’s nothing else to be done ;)…

Our 2nd cycle get’s dominated by the second Chakra Swadhisthana. We are driven, our place as a traditional yoga studio is established, it’s in balance and rooted. With much gratitude, inspiration and a lot of joy we continue in this way, off to the next 7 years!

Om Trayambakam !