Pregnancy yoga course

Fri 30 March till 18 May 18.30 - 20.00

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8 weeks


Pregnancy is a joyous but also exciting time in your life. Your body and your hormonal system are changing, you are vulnerable, open and sensitive. Yoga in pregnancy helps you to come into your strength, confidently directing you towards childbirth and motherhood. You will experience your pregnancy consciously. This first connection with yourself and your child is something very special and thus the best start you can give to your unborn child. What is allowed and what is not? How can you do yoga and know what’s good for your baby? These questions are answered in this course.

During this pregnancy course you will learn through yoga postures (asanas) how to stimulate your body and to release tension. For example releasing tension in the lower back, but also relaxing the pelvis (pelvic floor). You build strength in the muscles that will work extra hard during these nine months. Breathing techniques help the nervous system to relax and put you in a deeper connection with the baby. Working with breath and sound optimally prepares you for the birth. Meditation helps you to still the mind, helps you to deal with uncertainties and resting in the here and now.

One lesson of the course will be dedicated to finding proper postures to accomodate contractions and to find a posture for labor that suits you. You will also learn pressing techniques.

All these techniques will help you during your pregnancy, childbirth and the time afterwards. This course is suitable for beginners, but also for women who want to deepen their yoga practice and give specific attention to their “pregnancy”.


€ 140,-


Rama Shakti has experienced great benefits of yoga during her pregnancy, childbirth and the recovery. She attaches great importance to the use of yoga in every stage of life and deepens her knowledge in all aspects of yoga. She is the owner of the studio, but also educates and guides students in their journey within the 2-year yoga teacher training. With over 10 years of experience as a teacher and as a mother of two, she will help you in your journey to motherhood.



Signing up

1.Send a mail with your details (name, address, phone number) to

2.Reserve a place by transferring the course fee of €140,- to bank account nr NL82 TRIO 0338 6618 40 attended to Yoga Maya. Please include your name and starting date of the course.

More information

Answers to general questions you can find under Frequently Asked Questions. You can ask personal questions via mail or call 06 34 860 459.