Christmas special Yoga & Mantras

Sa 16 December 13.00 - 15.00

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This afternoon you will be guided by songs of Mantras and the guitar. This combination will give you a whole new experience of Yoga. Move free in your own body on the rhythm of the music and observe the vibrations of the Mantras. So leave all the chaos for what it is en enjoy this enlightening workshop!

It’s the month December which connects to solidarity, coziness and the dark month which we fill with light. It’s also the month where we can be more stressed out because of all the appointments, organization and pressure of wanting to close of the year nicely. Therefor we want to give you a special experience!

Mantras are known for many centuries in many traditions all over the world. A sound, syllable, word or a short sentence is used like bridge, a guide that leads you the way inwards. ‘Man’ means soul or mind in Sanskrit and ‘Tra’ can be translated as controlled of freedom. So you can translate it to controlling the mind or liberating the soul. Go beyond your overthinking mind and experience the meditative effect on body and mind.

Join and give yourself an afternoon of:

  • inner peace
  • yoga asanas for a healthy and strong body
  • calmness and relaxation
  • clearing blockages
  • renewing your whole nervous system
  • removing anger and frustration
  • a mental cleanse
  • oneness and togetherness

13.00 – 15.00:
This workshop is open to all yoga levels. The class start with a beginning relaxation, a warming sun salutations and some asanas that will awaken, open and relax the body. Closing down with a final relaxation. The whole class will be guided by Mantra singing and the sounds of the guitar.
Afterwards there’s time for tea.


The class will be taught by studio owner & yoga teacher Rama Shakti. Our Satsang duo & yoga teachers Parashakti & Ganesha will guide with music.


€ 35,- / €30,- for studio members


* Mail your subscription and your details (name, address, phone number) to
* Reserve your spot by transferring the amount of €35,- to bankaccount NL82 TRIO 0338661840 t.n.v. Yoga Maya.
Vermeld Yoga & Mantra workshop + your name.
* There will be limited spaces available, make sure to sign up in time.

More information

* General Q&A you can find at frequently asked questions. For personal questions send us an email to
* When we have English speaking students, the class will be taught in English.
* Alterations can be made