Sivananda yoga beginners course

Fri 30 March till 18 May 20.15 - 21.45

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Yoga Maya Rotterdam offers a Sivananda Yoga beginners course, which includes yoga postures,  breathing exercises and relaxation

By practicing yoga you will feel more fit, more energetic, healthier and peaceful.

Sivananda yoga is a holistic form of yoga which alternates activity and relaxation. A typical yoga class includes the sun salutations, 12 basic postures, two breathing exercises and a deep relaxation at the end.

During the introduction course of 8 weeks attention will be given to the most important elements of traditional Hatha yoga. Learn how to use your breath fully, how to get in & out of a posture/Asana correctly and how you can create peace. Besides is the goal of the course to provide beginning yoga practitioners with enough knowledge to follow the open classes. Furthermore tips will be given on how you can integrate yoga into your daily life.

Everyone, with or without yoga experience, is welcome to join the beginners course!


yoga docent
Jan (Ananda Jyoti) is one of our regular teachers. He gives this Sivananda beginnerscourse and teaches in our Yoga teacher training. After his teacher training he followed different deepening yoga trainings. Ananda Jyoti is known by passing on the knowledge to new students in a very relaxed and inspiring way.






Signing up

1. Send a mail with your details (name, address, phone number) to

2. Reserve a place by transferring the course fee of €120,- to bank account nr NL82 TRIO 0338 6618 40 made payable to Yoga Maya. Please include your name and starting date of the course.

More information

Answers to general questions you can find under Frequently Asked Questions. You can ask personal questions via mail or call 06 34860459.