Ashtanga Yoga beginners course

Sa 7 April till 8 May See schedule

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Ashtanga is a traditional Yoga practice with a beautiful build up asana sequence. In this workshop you will learn the essential basics. From here, in your own pace, you can build up your practice. You will follow your own practice which is in line with your fitness and body.

We will start with an introduction of the first Ashtanga serie, The Primary Series. You will get the know Sun Salutations A and B, the standing & sitting postures and the closing asanas.
You will also learn the proper way of breathing though out the asanas. The cursus is made in a way, under the guidance of a teacher, so you get to know the sequence in a short time that’s in line with the Tristana system. Also you will be guided into a daily practice in the morning Mysore. It may ask for a bit of discipline, but as soon as you’ve started you will quickly enjoy the benefits. Ashtanga Yoga gives you back your strength, gives a lot of energy and creates self confidence. Everyone, with or without Yoga experience, is more than welcome to join our beginners course.

The most important benefits of participating to a course like this:
– You will learn Ashtanga Yoga the proper way in how to breath, how to get in and out of asanas, what to do and what not to do
– May help in prevention of injuries
– Knowledge of what the practice is all about
– Self confidence in yourself


– Saturday 7 april: 14.00 – 17.00
– A whole month (7 April till 8 may see our schedule) morning Mysore practice for optimal integration of learning the basics of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system


(this includes the introduction workshop and a whole month of Mysore practice)


Asja is our Ashtanga Mysore teacher. As a child she grew up with a passion for dancing and since her 15th she started with Yoga. In 2013 she came in contact with Ashtanga here at Yoga Maya which became her personal practice. For the last three years she lived in Chili where she became a student of Loreto Cortes. She’s the founder of one of the oldest Yoga schools dedicated to the tradition of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Latin America (Ashtanga Yoga Chili). For her full biography read here.

Signing up

1. Send a mail with your details (name, address, phone number) to

2. Reserve a place by transferring the course fee of €120,-  to bank account nr NL82 TRIO 0338 6618 40 made payable to Yoga Maya. Please include your name and starting date of the course.

More information

Answers to general questions you can find under Frequently Asked Questions. You can ask personal questions via mail or phone number: 06 34860459